The Ceramic Pro ION product line is the next step in the evolution of nanoceramic surface protection coatings. Its main feature is a combination of the time-proven superior quality of Ceramic Pro nanoceramic coatings and the usage of ION Exchange Technology that provides unmatched properties to our new product. Not only does it have all the benefits of the top-tier Ceramic Pro 9H generation, but it also surpasses it in virtually every aspect and has a quality that was considered impossible for a nanoceramic coating. Namely, it is outstanding resistance to abrasion that takes ION to a league of its own in terms of protection from wear and tear. Ceramic Pro ION is the future of surface protection that has manifested today!


In a nutshell, ION Exchange is a sophisticated chemical process that allows a significant increase in the density of a substance and activates additional properties. On a basic level, it can be described as a replacement of ions in the initial substance by larger ions from a secondary substance which reduces the free space between molecules and strengthens the chemical bond. This technology is used in the manufacturing of ultra-hard screens for modern smartphones. In other words, when applied to Ceramic Pro, it is chemical tempering of glass-like nanoceramic coating. We are proud to be the first ones in the industry to use ION Exchange Technology for the best satisfaction of our customers and advancement of the standards of surface protection to a new level!


This is the first stage of the ION coating. It provides thickness to the coating, which is responsible for many protective qualities of the product such as resistance to oxidation and corrosion, resistance to abrasion, protection from UV, and so on. However, its performance is greatly reduced without the second stage. This is a permanent coating that can only be removed by intensive polishing.


This is the second stage of the ION coating. It activates the ion exchange reaction and provides hydrophobic property which is responsible for such qualities as dirt and contaminants repelling, self-cleaning effect, improved gloss, and many others. Unlike its predecessor from the 9H generation, ION Top Coat is a full-bodied coating, which means that it has its own thickness which greatly improves its protective properties. To top it off, it features an advanced more durable, and effective molecular structure responsible for hydrophobicity.



Is one of the most important properties of a nanoceramic coating. The thicker it is the more powerful the protective action is. However, if it’s too thick, it becomes brittle, so a balance is necessary. ION is perfectly balanced: 1 layer of ION Base equals to 2+ layers of 9H and performs correspondingly.

Abrasion resistance

This is a unique feature unavailable in previous generations of nanoceramic protective coatings. As a matter of fact, abrasive damage is the Achilles heel of such coatings. However, ION lacks this weakness, which makes it almost invincible to any type of damage.


Is the ability of a coating to repel liquids and various contaminants that may be contained in them. Such effect is explained by the presence of specific microscopic structures on the surface that look like tiny hairs and force the drops to maintain a spheric shape, which prevents them from obtaining a grip on the surface. Unlike the “hairs” used in 9H technology, ION Top features structures that look more like tiny pyramids, which makes them substantially more durable, efficient, and long-lasting.


Governs the ability of a coating to resist scratching and similar damage. For one object to scratch another object, it has to be harder. So, high hardness means fewer objects that can damage the coating. Ceramic Pro 9H got its name from the pencil hardness scale where 9H is the maximum. ION is harder than 9H, so, its hardness is off the chart on the pencil hardness scale.


Is important for protection against chemicals and etching by contaminants. High density guarantees that there are no pores or other imperfections that may leave a way for an unwanted substance to reach the surface underneath the coating.




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Gerri Evans
Gerri Evans
18:04 26 May 20
I had a wonderful experience at ecophant. My truck looks great and holding up well. They did a professional job in the time span they had given me. I highly recommend ceramic coating and ecophant.
Ryan Alucard
Ryan Alucard
00:34 24 May 20
I got my Porsche 911 GTS done with Ecophant detailing and they’ve done an amazing job I highly recommend this place for detailing needs. My car looks brand new thanks to them and their excellent... detailing services.read more
Colin O'Neal
Colin O'Neal
14:22 22 May 20
Mauricio is the owner and a very knowledgeable one at that. I brought in my Yukon to have the sports package done and the windows tinted - it was done the same day and the quality was great.... Mauricio, is patient and explains the products in detail so you know exactly what you are getting. Ecophant is defiantly my new spot for any future car needs. Great job guys! Highly Recommended.read more
Theo Dienes
Theo Dienes
21:32 13 Mar 20
Wonderful tint job by the Ecophant mobile crew today! The boss man Mauricio even came by to ensure a happy client. Highly recommend Mauricio and his team @ Ecophant Auto Detail. I will have them... back to wrap my car next...read more
Viviana Caicedo
Viviana Caicedo
15:40 13 Mar 20
Best place to take my car for Ceramic Pro Coatings I get the Silver Package on my Brand new Tesla Model 3. I highly Recommend Mauricio and his Crew.
walter alvarenga
walter alvarenga
12:40 09 Mar 20
Some many detailing companies I've tried before that I wasn't happy with. I moved from Virginia and I struggle to find a good place to take care of my car. I'm glad I found Ecophant for their... quality and professionalism. Nice job guys.read more
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